The Chef

A Lake Geneva, Wisconsin native, Chef Dan Kretschmer began his career more than 45 years ago with an internship at the Playboy Club of Lake Geneva. Since then, he has helped influence the kitchens at The Red Geranium, The Wisconsin Club, Charlie O’s, as well as the famous Auctioneer’s Inn located in Kansasville, Wisconsin. Dan attributes a great deal of his success to the late great Col. Hope Waldecker, and the wonderful family that supports him.

Wife, Denise, is the Holy Mackerel pastry chef. Famous for her cranberry white chocolate pecan bread pudding with a bourbon sauce, sorted fresh fruit pies, cheesecakes, and homemade ice cream – everything down to her handmade rolls is prepared in-house.

Chef Dan’s crew includes his children, Gwen, Waylon, Allison, and Klaus, his daughter-in-law Gina, and family friend Katrina. They can be found throughout the kitchen and dining room providing visitors with an unmatched dining experience.